PS/4 and USB Cables – Learning from One’s Mistakes

A quote from George Bernard Shaw goes something like this:

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

Bernard Shaw’s attitude is one I’ve tried to adopt, but on occasions it’s difficult to follow through on, as this little story will make clear. My daughter is a bit of a gamer, and using her own money, earned from her part-time job, purchased a PS/4 console second hand, which has been providing great enjoyment.

Over the Christmas break, as we have a Family Apple One Subscription, she and her sister have been exploring some of the Apple Arcade games on our Apple TV in the lounge room, and had paired up her PS/4 controllers to that Apple TV. I was pretty impressed with how well it worked. For a non-Apple Game Controller to work so seamlessly with all of the Apple hosted multi-player games was really cool.

Our problems began when my daughter went back to try and use her PS/4 controllers on her PS/4. As the re-pairing process normally occurs by plugging the controller into the PS/4 with the same USB cable they are charged with, the re-pairing should be reasonably straightforward – but do you think she could get it to work? I headed into her room assuming it would be a trivial problem to resolve … little did I know that I’d still be there an hour later.

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