I’m an architect and developer who has worked with the Microsoft development stack since the early 1990’s. Since the mid ’90s, I’ve concentrated on Web based technologies. For a number of years, I worked predominantly with SharePoint in all its many variants, and still remain familiar with and use SharePoint online extensively.

In recent years however, I’ve predominantly worked as an architect, tech lead and senior developer on more conventional Microsoft Platform web development projects, and am now working with Microsoft’s latest incarnation of the .NET Framework, .NET Core and Angular, a fabulous combination.

A common thread through all of my work with Microsoft products has been SQL Server, which I have worked with constantly since its initial Microsoft releases, understand deeply, and for which I retain a strong affection.

I’m a committed Brisbane Lions supporter, after being a passionate Fitzroy supporter until the death of our wonderful team by merger in 1996.

And most importantly of all, I’m a father of three wonderful daughters who are a constant source of joy to me.


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