Mac OS (formerly OS X) Microsoft Remote Desktop – a great Windows Development Tool!

My professional work is predominantly done using Windows-based tools – Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Code (although there is a version for Mac OS), SQL Server, IIS etc. etc.

However my favourite productivity platform is Apple Mac OS. I have a reasonably powerful MacBook Pro, which I’ve got four displays attached to; the internal display, and 3 external displays. Here’s a photo of how the displays are arranged.

Multiple Displays on my MacBook Pro
Here are the Multiple Displays on my MacBook Pro

And my Windows machine, although it’s a reasonably powerful i7 Dell laptop, which can support one or two external displays, isn’t configured that way. The solution I’m using now to make working under Windows 10 a better experience, is to use Microsoft’s Mac OS based Remote Desktop App. I’m not sure when the capabilities I’m exploiting now, were introduced into the App, but the features it provides, allows me to do my development work, in a much more productive way, so I thought I’d share my experiences.

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Where is all my Macbook Pro’s Hard Disk Space going?

I have been mystified by the gradual decline in free hard disk space on my Macbook Pro. It accelerated over recent times, around the time I upgraded to El Capitan, and exacerbated by a temporary failure to my primary Time Machine device, and my initial instinct was to blame the new Operating System. It turns out, I was wrong. The answer was a default characteristic of how my Time Machine Backups work. Here’s what I found out.

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Can’t Connect to the iTunes / App Store from your Apple Device – check this first!

I was confronted one morning recently by a very frustrated daughter of mine who was complaining that the home WiFi was playing up again, and that she couldn’t connect to either Apple App Store or the iTunes Store from their iPad. The symptom was quite curious, because the applications appeared to display correctly momentarily, and then the message “Can’t Connect to the App Store” (or iTunes store) appeared after that. Very strange.

In typically careless fashion she hadn’t backed up or synced her iPad in months, and the system software was 2 versions out of date, and so I suggested she do all of that housekeeping and once that was all done, come and see me again. Well she had to go out to do some shopping, so it fell to me to go through all of these remedial actions, none of which appeared to resolve the issue. My other Child’s iPad was working fine, so the mystery deepened.

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